Goran Pekez, President, Japanese Business Alliance In Serbia & Corporate Affairs And Communications Director, Adriatic Region At JTl a.d. Senta

Public Sector Reforms Should Be Faster

This year’s Kopaonik Business Forum was one of the most successful gatherings to date. Some very good conclusions were drawn related to fiscal consolidation, sustainable growth and the macroeconomic conditions in the country

Goran Pekez Japanese Business Alliance Adriatic Region At JTl a.d. Senta

Without new investments there isn’t much opportunity for sustainable and significant growth, fiscal consolidation yielded excellent results that represent a good springboard for the future, public sector reforms must be significantly faster etc. In addition to these areas, the forum’s main topics also included digitisation, education, the creative economy, scientific development and EU integration.

Something else that could be heard on Kopaonik was the topic of innovation, which was included in the majority of panel debates and discussion – whether relating to innovations in terms of market approach, industry achievements or government policies.

We were pleased to hear that patients in Serbia will soon gain easy access to innovative drugs to treat some of the most difficult health conditions

We at the Japanese Business Alliance welcome the efforts that the Government and all relevant stakeholders are exerting with the aim of accelerating the pace of reforms and strengthening the stability of the business environment.

On the other side, the topic of innovation is very much in the focus of the companies gathered within the Alliance. For example, the use of alternative fuels is a development opportunity in terms of bringing Serbia closer to the modern practice of countries that are already aware of the importance of ecological factors for society, which will also bring benefits to the local economy itself.

Furthermore, innovations in the healthcare sector are a focal point of the Alliance, in terms of expanding the use of innovative drugs and medical devices. On that note, we were pleased to hear, during the Healthcare Panel of the Kopaonik Business Forum, that patients in Serbia will soon gain easy access to innovative drugs to treat some of the most difficult health conditions, where Japanese medicines show excellent results on the basis of real-world data.