Right, Right, Frontal

European Elections

Among the many consequences of the pandemic, economic crisis and war in Ukraine for Europe is the rise of right-wing movements that challenge the sustaining of political centrism and traditional left-leaning parties. Do such changes serve to additionally complicate the managing of the European Union and push the Western Balkans into a neglected corner, where there is also the basis for the rise of the right?

What could far-right parties’ recent victories in Europe mean for the EU and the region? Are election results in Italy and Sweden an anomaly or a symptom of the rise of the far right across Europe – marking the resurgence of far-right parties running on platforms of anti-immigration and nationalism? These are questions being asked by intellectuals and the general public around the world. In this issue’s Focus, we asked our interlocutors to add their own concerns to these universal ones. Specifically, we asked them to ponder the potential repercussions that the rise of the extreme right in Europe could have on the EU itself, but also on our region. Here are the responses of experienced diplomats, political scientists and experts most familiar with political situations in Europe.

Duško Lopandić, Diplomat And Vice President Of The European Movement In Serbia

Shooting Stars

Although “The centre is still holding on” in Europe, we are increasingly seeing the appearance on the political scene of instant right-wing or far-right...

Milan Blagojević, Researcher At The Institute Of Social Sciences

The Right Has De-radicalised And Moved Closer To The Political Mainstream

The rise of the right could certainly complicate decision-making processes at the EU level, and we can assume that the conservative Hungarian-Polish bloc will...

Zoran Milivojević, Career Diplomat And Associate Of The Centre For Strategic Alternatives

End Of The Left’s Dominance In Europe

The shadow of Ukraine, with all the already-evident ramifications on the situation and effects in Europe, certainly provides new motivation for the right, which...