Elections · Doubt · COVID19 · Consequences

Bojan Vranić Ph.d., Associate Professor Of The Faculty Of Political Science

Awaiting Voters

The return of voters to the polls in a new round of elections will mean the return of non-sns voters. This brings uncertainty to...

Jasmina Lukač, Journalist Of Danas And Demostat

Distrust Is A Dangerous Toy

The fall in trust among citizens regarding everything that state officials are doing – from anticorona measures to the conducting of election procedures –...

Saša Adamović, Historian And Political Analyst

Coronavirus Will Just Be A Bad Dream

The part of the opposition that boycotted the last elections is too weak and divided, with leaders who are politically spent, and doesn't represent...

Zoran Sekulić, Director And Editor-in-chief Of News Agency Fonet

More Dissatisfaction, But Without Political Articulation

Last year saw an increase in the number of so-called negative points, I.E. increased public dissatisfaction towards the authorities and the way the government...

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