Demanding Times

What should the new government’s priorities be?

More than ever before, COVID-19 brutally laid bare the results of short-sighted austerity policies in health, education and social policy. All of that should now be corrected, using the limited funds available to the new government. In order to increase the fiscal capacity of the state, it is necessary to design a new growth model quickly and smartly.

The new Serbian government will undoubtedly face a challenge that has probably been encountered by few cabinets in previous history. The pandemic that seemingly has no end in sight has not only led to an unprecedented decline in GDP, in both developed and developing countries, but has had a fundamental impact on the structure of the global economy, business and development philosophies, and societal priorities: the importance of the state and its health, education and social protection systems have come to the fore, after having been continuously considered as costs to be cut in the previous period. Here our interlocutors provide their views on the short- and long-term priorities that should be addressed by the new prime minister and his cabinet.

Aleksandar Baucal Ph.D, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade

Innovations in education, but real ones

The key question for the new government is how to intelligently and effectively utilise existing resources in each sector. In the field of education,...

Danko Brčerević, Chief Economist of the Fiscal Council of Serbia

We Don’t Need to be Bad Pupils Again

Preserving the health of the population, maintaining fiscal discipline and creating a new model of economic growth should be on the government's desk from...

Jasna Atanasijević, Assistant Professor at the University of Novi Sad’s Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Informatics

Knowledge, Innovation, Rule Of Law

Investing in the modernising of education, encouraging companies to innovate by investing in research and development in collaboration with the academic sector, and the...

Jelena Žarković, associate professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics

Health and Education First and Foremost

Considering that the economy received significant assistance in the previous period, the new government should focus attention primarily on the health sector and education,...

Jurij Bajec Ph.D., special advisor at the Institute of Economics and full professor at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics

The World is Changing and So Must We

The opportunity exists for Serbia to start connecting with rapidly changing global economic trends and to launch products and services that have higher added...

Natalija Perišić, Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Science

Short-Sighted Policies Exposed by the Pandemic

The COVID-19 epidemic has shown the great importance of sectors like health, education and social policy, which were devastated in the previous period as...