A Puzzle with Many Unfamiliar Pieces

Chinese-Serbian Diplomatic Relations

In the process of shaping a new multipolar world, many countries – including Serbia – will find themselves constantly in a position to reconsider their relations with the major powers. On the practical front, issues of Serbia’s high exposure to Chinese debt, security challenges posed by new technologies, compliance with environmental standards, labour rights and investments all remain high on the agenda

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to France, Hungary and Serbia, as well as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s previous visit to China, prompted numerous responses in the public and in the media of the U.S. and Europe, including the Western Balkans. In our talks with several experts, we’ve attempted to scrutinise the complexity of these relations on the security, economic and political fronts, as well as they ways they reflect on foreign policy relations between China, Russia and Serbia.

Dr Aleksandar Mitić, Institute for International Politics and Economy

Cooperation with China Raised to the Highest Level in Europe

Both Germany and France desire close cooperation with China, so any criticism of Serbia’s close relations with China is an example of double standards I...

Slobodan Zečević Ph.D, Institute for European Studies

Delicate Seesaw

France and Germany have contrasting views on cooperation with China, but the internal reasons for such views don’t automatically relate to their stance regarding...

Vuk Vuksanović, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy

Russia will be Challenging, but China is the Dilemma of the Century

The geopolitical and security rivalry between the U.S. and China will shape the international system, in which other countries, including Serbia, will face the...