Arrests On Camera Are Not Enough

Has The Long-Anticipated Fight Against Organised Crime In Serbia Finally Begun?

There is no doubt that the Government of Serbia has started its showdown with organised crime, as was announced in its expose. However, it remains to be seen whether the authorities will persist in detecting and proving such crimes. The first aspect is called into question due to the deep links between criminals and parts of government, while the second depends on the credibility of gathered evidence

The fight against organised crime held a prominent place in the first hundred days of the term of the new Government of Serbia, but many observers recall that a large number of such actions didn’t result in successful trials or the condemning of the perpetrators to prison, both those who belong to these groups and those in higher echelons of power who have given them support.

Bojan Elek, Researcher At The Belgrade Centre For Security Policy

Criminals Must Remain Behind Bars

What is lacking in order for the public to believe that this is really a showdown and not just another media manipulation is the...

Marko Nicović Lawyer, Former Chief Of Police Of The City Of Belgrade

Supporters And Judges

Criminals under the guise of “supporters” are a big problem, but they’ve strengthened under the protection of part of the establishment. Testifying to this...

Vladimir Đukanović, Serbian Progressive Party MP, Lawyer

Courts Are Key

It is very important to have cooperation between the executive government and the judiciary in the segment of gathering enough solid evidence with which...