Peace Has Become Much More Expensive

Armament In The Shadows Of The War In Ukraine

We are awaited by a period during which many European countries will prioritise the procurement of weapons and the fortifying of military security, even at the cost of weakening economic growth. Regardless of whether the current circumstances lead to the further strengthening of NATO or the launch of the creation of a common European military force, for Serbia it is primarily important to make rational decisions regarding its foreign policy and to create meaningful alliances

During his country’s recently concluded presidency of the Council of the European Union, French President Emmanuel Macron continued to insist on Europe’s strategic autonomy and strengthening the capacity of the Union to act in the international security sphere. But does such a commitment have any basis in reality and what are its possible practical ramifications?

Who and how – both individually and collectively – are arming themselves in the shadow of the war in Ukraine, and what does that mean for the security map of Europe and Serbia’s own position? Does a country that’s still struggling with its post-conflict past and illegal arms flows need more weapons or not; and why? We posed these complex questions to our interlocutors, all of whom are great experts on the subject.

Aleksandar Radić, Military Analyst

Rearming Is A Long Process

It is obvious that we will see the re-forming of many of the battalions that were disbanded over the last couple of decades, when...

Marija Ignjatijević, Researcher, Belgrade Centre For Security Policy

The EU (Still) Lacks Sufficient Might To Form Autonomous Defence Capacities

The very fact that the EU repurposed its peace facility instrument to arm Ukraine has significant operative relevance, but also symbolic relevance. Member states...

Nikola Lunić, Executive Director Of The Council For Strategic Policy

Time To Create Dependable Alliances

Under the conditions of a taxing history and unstable relations, the Western Balkan region could easily become an instrument of major powers in the...