Among New And Old Friends

Has The Pandemic Created Space For A Shift In The Influence Of Superpowers On The Western Balkans?

When the fear of COVID-19 finally lifts, we may find ourselves in a completely different world in many respects, including the foreign policy milieu. Relations between the Western Balkans and the EU, Russia and China may be redefined in this future world. How and to what extent isn’t entirely certain, though it seems that China is the biggest foreign policy winner.

Is it distasteful to question the political dimension of humanitarian action at a time when the second wave of the pandemic is raging? It seems that every mask is a respirator and that far-reaching assistance for the future recovery, in both health and economic terms, has its own foreign policy raison d’etre. However, our interlocutors view the indications of these changes and their impact on the Western Balkans in very different ways.

Boško Jakšić, Journalist

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Marko Dašić, Assistant Professor At The University Of Belgrade – Faculty Of Political Science

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It seems to me that, in the short term, the pandemic will lead to an adjustment in the current patterns of the management of...

Slobodan Popović,  Ph.D. Student At The Faculty Of Political Science And Researcher At The Centre For Asian Studies

3 In 1 Diplomacy

The people’s Republic of China pragmatically adapts to the situation of (in)action of the EU on the ground by legitimately lobbying and “infiltrating” its...

Strahinja Subotić, researcher at the European Policy Centre - CEP

Zero-Sum Game And Covid-19

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Vladan Marjanović, Journalist At Weekly NIN

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