Margarita Milenković, President of the Serbian Reiki Association

Traditional Medicine: Energy of Life on Prescription

Due to the ever increasing influence of new technologies on our daily lives and business, market challenges and competitiveness, fighting for the best position on the social scale, facing an unpredictable business environment etc., businesspeople are exposed to everyday stress, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and depression


For this issue of CorD, we spoke to Margarita Milenković, a Usui/Tibetan Karuna Reiki Master and a member of the U.S.-based International Centre for Reiki Training. Born in Russia in 1967, she also holds a degree in philology and is an expert in intercultural communication. Margarita is Master of 25 Reiki styles, a founder and honorary president of the Serbian Reiki Association, as well as being the author of manuals for all levels of Reiki training and several books covering this field.

Since 2009 she has organised free Reiki workshops at the Palilula and Voždovac health centres. A resident of Belgrade, she provides Reiki training at the Reiki Serbia Association.

“Reiki is a legalised method of traditional medicine, classified as a means of advancing health and rehabilitation, and approved by an act of the Ministry of Health of Serbia,” explains Margarita. “This is probably the oldest known method of improving health, originating from Japan. The compound word “Reiki” is translated from Japanese as “Rei” – spirit, miraculous, divine, and “ki” – vital energy.

In most developed countries (the U.S., UK, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Switzerland, Italy and others) Reiki is integrated into methods of modern medicine and is formally applied in parallel or in tandem with them,” says Margarita.

If the end of the 20th century will be remembered for the technological revolution, then the beginning of the 21st century could become known as the years of mental revolution. How does such a view sound from your perspective?

I agree completely with that kind of opinion and believe that this mental revolution has been caused by the new leap in the spiritual development of humanity and the raising of the awareness of the collective to a new level. And those are not momentary phenomena; they were preceded by particular conditions that can take centuries to be created. Quite simply, human beings have become ready to uncover their potential abilities, which they arrive at during a return to their own nature as it truly is and which allows them to develop and create the best version of themselves.

A very large number of new theories today advocate precisely this kind of holistic approach to work, life, family … Emotional and social intelligence is finding its place in almost all spheres of life.

Reiki is one of the most popular and most researched complementary methods on the planet. It is applied successfully by millions of people and there is no developed country where the Reiki method is not formalised and covered by social health insurance. The Reiki method has for many years been declared the world’s number one self-help method, but of course, we can also use Reiki to help other people and to improve their quality of life.

The Reiki method has earned such recognition thanks to its simplicity, naturalness, disassociation with religious and other beliefs, as well as the complete absence of the aspect of faith. Likewise, this recognition is also due to the very broad list of positive effects of Reiki, the most important of which are: increasing physical and mental strength capacities, increasing concentration levels, enhancing mental functions, soothing the spirit, improving mood, strengthening immunity – and not only to physical ailments, but also to stress.

We are today flooded by life coaching methods as modern lifestyle ideas. How would you explain Reiki knowledge and skills in this context?

Reiki is based solely on the application of life energy with the help of learned techniques. That’s why Reiki training differs from others in that it does not require a person to believe in its effectiveness. Irrespective of a harmonious mind and regardless of the personal abilities and potential of each person, without exception, accompanied only by their desire and will, can easily and successfully master the initial level of Reiki, which lasts nine hours in a single day and is aligned with international standards for initial Reiki education.

The World Health Organisation announced a few years ago that 90 per cent of health problems are of a psychosomatic character and origin, which means that they are hidden at the mental and emotional level of the individual

Stress is one of the most commonly used words when describing health status today. Stress is the universal cause of numerous diseases and impacts equally on all modern societies.

As one of the biggest enemies of modern society, stress is a phenomenon that comes from both the inner world of a human being and from the outside world, and which has a very strong impact on psychological and physical condition. The World Health Organisation announced a few years ago that 90 per cent of health problems are of a psychosomatic character and origin, which means that they are hidden at the mental and emotional level of the individual. Reiki, as one of the world’s most successful methods of reducing stress, inevitably acts, rapidly and effectively, to influence the causes of undesirable mental states, which is reflected not only in an individual’s psychophysical condition but also in their overall quality of life.

Could we conclude that civilisation is starting to tire and exhaust itself and that it is important to understand that an exit should be sought in one’s own capacities, assisted by the personal potential that we all undoubtedly possess?

Precisely. The very fact that civilisation is tiring and exhausting itself has become a natural condition to develop, and often to restore from oblivion, those very skills and abilities that would not only enable a human being to discover the eternally sought purpose of their existence but also to live in health, peace and joy. Skills of such a character, like Reiki, always allow a human being to help not only themselves but also those close to them.

Leaders of technological development in developed countries and societies pay great attention to these skills. Knowledge of Reiki skills is one of the preconditions for any management position in a Japanese company.

A person who applies Reiki, as a rule, does not suffer from anxiety, is charismatic, calm and radiates positive energy, and is also very successful in every communication. All of this is important for leaders, when it comes to establishing harmonious cooperation with the team and increasing the labour productivity of each individual and the team as a whole, but also when it comes to achieving the required results during discussions and negotiations.

Such an approach is also being applied increasingly in many other developed countries worldwide, and that is not without good reason. Methods like Reiki enable a person to very quickly develop or improve their leadership qualities and attain a very high level of their pre-existing leadership potential. This is transferred down the chain to the team they manage and, thus, the work of their company as a whole. On the other hand, it also raises the level of concentration, memory and personal intelligence, while Reiki significantly increases levels of creativity, which enhances a leader’s ability to quickly identify the right solutions.

When it comes to Japan, a special place is occupied by Hiroyuki Miyazaki, a successful and more than self-actualised businessman, and a very spiritual individual. Thanks to his concept of “Spirituality and business”, many businesspeople and company leaders recognise the relationship between progressive success and the harmonisation of the personal energy of employees, between the competitive abilities of a company and the activation of employees with the help of spiritual energy methods of increasing innovation, creativity and enthusiasm.

The culture of business does not teach us to be socially operational (functional)… There is no empathy in business. Are we also starting to conceive business differently?

The culture of a business is also changing slowly, just as everything around us is changing, and that is noticeable in all fields of life. Empathy in business, if it is considered superfluous, can always be replaced with wisdom, patience and inner peace, which it is possible to develop. Following the changes that are already present, there is a need to adapt to these changes, which also requires new ways that possibly weren’t previously an option. The human being, with the desire and the will, can follow absolutely everything that requires time and circumstances, and we always have at least one possible way to do this that is close to us. All you need is to pay attention to the so-called “signs next to the road of life” and allow yourself new experiences, new knowledge and new skills. A human being usually doesn’t know exactly what they can do and where their limits are … until they try to find them…

Reiki practitioners greet every change with a positive attitude and a willingness to transform and develop. Thus, from the start, we not only adapt to them but rather we are certain to win over those who at first glance are not welcome.

Apple, Google, Deutsche Bank and others enable their employees to have yoga classes and Reiki sessions during their 30-minute breaks

A large number of politicians, top athletes and major artists are Reiki practitioners – Robert de Niro, Richard Gere, Keanu Reeves, Celine Dion, Paul McCartney… Major corporations around the world organise Reiki training for their employees. How can knowledge of Reiki help managers and businesspeople?

Apple, Google, Deutsche Bank and others enable their employees to have yoga classes and Reiki sessions during their 30-minute breaks. Meditation classes, as well as seminars on spiritual energy methods that serve to reduce stress, calm the mind, increase creativity levels and enhance energy potential, are organised for employees by the world’s successful banks, telecoms companies and companies in other sectors in Germany, Russia, Canada.

Reiki is fast, simple and always acts in a way that is certain to reduce stress, increase the capacity of mental and physical strength, strengthen the immune system and increase levels of concentration, creativity, consciousness, and also enthusiasm and positive vibrations in life. All of the aforementioned represents quality in and of itself, and an environment that is essential for every human being, and especially for people who are always expected to show a very high level of accountability and achieve results.

This is, of course, transferred down the chain to the team they manage, and onto the work of the company as a whole. On the other hand, by raising a person’s level of concentration, memory and personal intelligence, Reiki significantly increases the level of creativity, which gives a leader an enhanced ability to identify the right solutions quickly.

The first to recognise this need in Serbia were medical professionals. It can be heard increasingly among doctors that Reiki should be introduced as early as primary school, in order for children to acquire skills and adapt to the conditions of life in the civilisation of the 21st century … You have worked personally on educating health workers for more than a decade. How do you view such initiatives?

The future of mankind is based on self-help. People need to rely on themselves and their own potential as much as possible. In the “new” society everyone should be ready and able to take responsibility for their own mental and physical health, for the quality of their own lives and the life of the community. What is most important is that in such a society everyone can create their own real-life environment independently and consciously, in accordance with their own expectations and needs. Such skills are welcome for every human being from an early age. Reiki, as the natural science of energy, is probably the easiest skill in the life and body of a human being.

Nikola Tesla has also been linked to Reiki! What kind of phenomenon is that?

Many methods are based on the use of “life energy”, just like Reiki. Nikola Tesla, as a prominent scientist and a pioneer in many areas, certainly mastered the ways of using and managing “Life energy”. Life energy (Rei – life, Ki – Energy) is what Hippocrates dubbed the Natural healing force, while many scientists have called it, and still call it, the “X Force” or the “fifth force”. All the ancient peoples and cultures of the world know about its healing qualities and positive impact on the human body and life force, thus information about Reiki dates back to 3,000 years ago.

You said that Reiki energy is measurable and scientifically proven. Research worldwide has gone quite far in this regard…

In recent years around the world on the internet, over nine million pieces of data on the subject of scientific research in the field of Reiki have been recorded. This is one reason why Serbia, like all of the world’s developed countries, has approved Reiki by law, and in most countries, it is also covered by social security insurance.