Homage To Juan Rulfo


14 November – Instituto Cervantes – 19.00

This literary evening is dedicated to one of the most important Mexican writers, while the occasion for the event is provided by the centenary of his birth.

Juan Rulfo author of The Plain in Flames and Pedro Páramo, used his pages to depict the eternal beauty, customs and colourfulness of southern Mexico, while providing each text with universal attributes that have seen him glorified throughout the world, especially in Spanish speaking countries. Juan Rulfo’s other works include The Golden Cockerel (El gallo de oro) and the short story Talpa.

These activities will include young Serbian Hispanics, who will give short, individual presentations on special aspects of his work.

This event will serve to give recognition to Juan Rulfo and Mexican literature, as well as providing a good opportunity to present Hispanic-American literature to those interested. This will also be an opportunity to announce the new editions of this author being prepared by publishing house Dereta.

Participants: Bojana Kovačević Petrović (Grupo) Društvo hispanista (Asociación de Hispanistas de Serbia)