The Sneakers Revolution

The mainstream footwear of the fashion world today has shifted to sneakers matched with dresses, Vintage gym shoes with formal business suits, and the wedding guest look made of mesh and rubber, not genuine leather

Luxury purses are no longer must-haves in the world of high fashion here, but sneakers are. But is this sneakers phenomenon happening in association with the “well-being” trend or is this just a contemporary fashion trend that will be replaced by something that looks cooler soon? The sneakers boom is not just a fashion trend. It signifies paradigm transitions in lifestyle and industry.

The boundaries between genders, age, social classes and the differences between high-fashion and street fashion are becoming blurry.

Denying the traditional notion of standard beauty, fashion leaders today are seeking something “ugly” or unique and unexpectedly fun by mixing elements that are somewhat heterogeneous. The number of artisans for designer shoe brands has declined significantly. They don’t care whether they are mass-produced Nike or handmade Berluti as long as they look cool. So, people love contemporary items with prints and industrial. So-called “sneakerisation” reflects that the luxury fashion houses are moving on.

In the last two seasons, we’ve seen menswear designers shake up the suit and creatively pair them with colourful sneakers. On paper, it doesn’t seem to work, but in reality, it can be effortless to change up your suit – if you know how to properly wear your sneakers with your suit.



Women’s Suit With Sneakers

The power suit aka menswear, aka women do it better is a trend that has been around for some time.
Pale Blue Suit





Air Max 98 leopard print sneakers





Touch-strap sneakers





Bow sneakers




Trousers with belt

Cropped trousers with high waist and belt. Belt in the same fabric with metal buckle and 5 pockets.




Double Stretch Cotton Pant

The essential everyday pant comes with a hook-bar and zip closure, belt loops, and slash pockets. Offered in premium Italian cotton that’s engineered with a double weave.





Tri-tone perforated check sneakers





Leather and glitter fabric sneakers




Blue Suit Combined With White Sneakers

For men who like to dress well, nothing can compete with a blue suit. If combined with a blue shirt in another tone, the navy blue suits will make you stand out from the crowd.