Saturday, December 15, 2018



Despite the Wind & Rain

If November sometimes gets you down with its gloomy weather and spoils your good mood, do something nice for yourself. Dress up nice despite the wind and rain. Freshen up your wardrobe with something that will improve your day and set you apart from the greyness of autumn weather. And don't forget that beautiful and lovingly selected items of clothing always attract attention and compliments!


Something In Between

The autumnal fashion of October is always “something in between”. Sometimes just in a sweater or jacket, sometimes in an overcoat, and often with a hat or cap on the head. Be prepared for beautiful autumn days, but don't let a little wind or rain spoil one of the most beautiful seasons for you


Autumn Is Coming

Choosing what to wear between summer and autumn always creates a dilemma about how to dress adequately. Although we’re already slowly preparing for fresher days, early autumn can also be a very pleasant time, but also surprisingly chilly or rainy. And while we scramble to enjoy the last sunny days, we should be ready for the upcoming autumn surprises. Here are our recommendations for September – one of the most beautiful, and obstinate, months.


Details In Summer Hues

Summer is the season that enables us to indulge in some little fashion extravagances that we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy throughout the rest of the year. Elegant details, colours that will improve your mood, small fashion outings in something you've always liked but didn’t have the courage to wear for strolling or attending a cocktail party... Allow yourself to experience fashionable pleasures that will provide a holiday on the eyes for yourself, your surroundings and (why not?) for the soul!Here are our ideas for your selection.


Cute Summer Ideas For Your Good Look

With each new season comes a new batch of hues that absolutely take over the fashion world. And A Cute Summer Ideas For your silhouette this time, they're lovelier than ever. Summer 2018 colour trends are what bright, dreamy, ethereal dreams are made of, so get ready to swap your edgy darks for some super sweet alternatives.


Trends You Need To

The spring/summer 2018 fashion trends are nothing if not bright, bold and really quite beautiful. In fact, it was a show season full of actual fashion moments


Casual Spring Time For Jeans

Denim jeans are the ultimate go-to for every season and are pretty much certain to look good regardless of how you style them. With so many different types of jeans to consider these days, things can get a bit overwhelming. To ease your future shopping experience, check out our guide to types of jeans for women/men, and the best denim jeans to suit your body type


Get Back In Shape

After January’s long holidays and days off in February, it can often prove tough to force yourself back into your regular recreational activities and restore the levels of fitness and energy you had prior to the start of the festive season

Fashion – Classic Wristwatches: Timepieces For The Classic Watch-Lover

Watches reflect personal style. They represent more than just utility, serving as an example of taste, character and individual branding. As a true reflection of taste in accessories, finding the perfect watch is a top style priority for most.

Fashion: For Deep Powder Lowers

Spending New Year’s Eve in a ski resort is both the best and the worst place to be. The slopes are rammed with screaming children and out-of-control beginners. The queues for the lifts make a small part of you die inside. For seasonaires, it’s hell on earth