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From 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, the Republic of Serbia, together with more than 190 countries from all over the world, will participate in the prestigious world exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai. The theme of Serbia’s participation in the World Exhibition is “SERBIA CREATES IDEAS – Inspired by the past, shaping the future”.

The Republic of Serbia will present itself at this World Exhibition as the host of the national pavilion with an area of almost 2,000 square meters. The building is located in the thematic district called “Mobility”.

The exhibition setting of our pavilion will show that modern Serbia is the natural heir to the Neolithic Vinča Culture. Vinča changed the way humans lived and thrived and Modern Serbia will be presented as the natural successor its supreme artistry, technology, innovation, trade and peaceful coexistence. It will further demonstrate that the Serbia of the future is driven by the creative and innovative ideas of a number of exciting and inventive individuals, companies and organizations.

Serbia’s Expo participation will be rolled out across a number of activations, initiatives and events under the brand message SERBIA CREATES IDEAS. This includes the purpose-built Serbia Pavilion in the heart of the Expo, a comprehensive B2B programme that connects Serbian businesses with UAE, MENA and world-wide counterparts, G2G and G2B activities, Serbian business hubs in key sites across Dubai, and a whole range of other events, festivals and activities that promote Serbia as a forward-facing nation with innovation, ingenuity and creativity embedded in its DNA.

By engaging and embedding Serbian content across all of Expo’s programmes, and by making full use of the opportunities to amplify our messages, we will position Serbia as an Open, Collaborative, Cooperative and Fun, Creative, Innovative and Resourceful nation.

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Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matic and Marko Čadež President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

We will show why Serbia is 1st in Europe for FDI, why it is called the Silicon Valley of the Balkans, why it is the frontrunner in eGovernment, how it proudly hosts a European Center of Excellence for ICT solutions for agriculture and why Belgrade was proclaimed one of the 5 most creative cities in the world. We will also present how Serbia became one of the most successful countries in dealing with the pandemic and immunization.

Serbia’s appearance at the exhibition in Dubai is the crown of all successes

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, assessed today that Serbia’s appearance at the World Exhibition “Dubai 2020 Expo” will be the crown of all successes achieved since 2015 in the field of digitalization, creative industries and innovations.

At the press conference held at the Palace of Serbia on the occasion of announcing our country’s participation in this world’s leading business event, Brnabic said that Serbia would present itself as one of the leaders in innovation, digitalization, eGovernment, talents, creativity and ideas.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Serbia is recognized for that today, in addition to its already known advantages, such as delicious food, hospitality, beautiful landscapes and rich culture and tradition.

Serbia will present its business communities at the “Dubai 2020 Expo”, which will be held from October this year to March next year.

Brnabic is also the president of the Coordination Body for the realization of the appearance of the Republic of Serbia at the World Exhibition.

The concept of our country’s participation was presented today by the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the Commissioner General of the Republic of Serbia for “Expo 2020 – Dubai” Tatjana Matic, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Cadez and the Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister for Creative Industries and Tourism. Of Serbia for “Expo 2020 – Dubai” Ana Ilić.

Source:, Government of Serbia, photo:

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