Signing Ceremony at the Embassy of Japan

Tecuja Cubota, the adviser at the embassy of Japan, and director of JKP “Osečina”, Nikola Tomić signed the agreement on the provision of funds at the Embassy of Japan in Serbia. Serbian Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan and Mayor of Osečina, Dragan Aleksić, attended the signing ceremony.

The Government of Japan will provide 72,700 euros for JKP “Osečina” for procurement of waste trucks and 30 containers.

It was noted that since 1999, Japan has directly assisted local government projects, NGOs, hospitals and schools in Serbia, and participated in the implementation of 220 projects.

Tecuja Cubota said that the total amount of Japanese assistance through projects for basic needs of the population in Serbia since 1999 amounted to more than 13.4 million euros, including the total amount of Japanese aid to Serbia during the same period exceeding 507 million euros.