Russian National Day Celebrated

Ambassador H.E. Alexander Chepurin hosted a reception on the occasion of the Russian National Day

Russian National Day Celebrated 2017

On the occasion of the state holiday Russian National Day, ambassador H.E. Alexander Chepurin held a reception at the Russian embassy.

“The state of Russia has reached the age of 1,155 years, and the Russian Federation 27”, said ambassador Chepurin. “Russia’s goal is to ensure security and friendship with both east and west, an energetic economy, cultural and spiritual exchange and the prosperity of nations and peoples.”

Chepurin estimated that the Russian embassy had once again this year hosted the Serbian “elite”, adding that it was unimportant whether they represented the government or opposition, just as long as they are friendly towards Russia.

The celebrations were attended by Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić, speaker of the Serbian parliament Maja Gojković, Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlović,  Labour Minister Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Justice Nela Kuburović, Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Culture Vladan Vukosavljević, members of the diplomatic corps and representatives of political and public life.