Brnabić: Operations Eased For Business people

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić visit Delhaize Serbia

“Employers in Serbia will no longer have to personally authenticate health insurance cards for their employees – the state will automatically extend them without the submission of a request and the need to visit a counter.

The new information system of the National Health Insurance Fund will take over the Tax Administration’s data on paid contributions, and automatically authenticate them on that basis,” said Prime Minister Ana Brnabić during a visit to company Delhaize Serbia.

“The government has initiated automatic checks as one of the projects under the auspices of the Stop Bureaucracy programme. The introduction of the new system is just one in a series of measures through which we will remove administrative barriers. The work on clearing bureaucratic procedures continues with full intensity,” said PM Brnabić.

According to NALED Executive Director Violeta Jovanović, employers have always ranked the procedure of authenticating the health records of their employees as being among the three longest and most arduous procedures.

“Our company, which employs more than 12,000 people, has so far lost a lot of time authenticating health cards in the way applied to date and this has been a major obstacle in this segment of our functioning” concluded Delhaize Serbia COO Quentin Royer.