Norwegian Constitution Day

Marked at the Kalemegdan Fortress Park

Norwegian Constitution Day 2017

Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Fortress Park provided the venue for this year’s celebration of Norwegian Constitution Day, organised by the Norwegian community and the Norwegian Embassy in Serbia.

Speaking on this occasion, Norwegian Ambassador to Serbia H.E. Arne Sannes Bjørnstad said that this also marked a celebration of Serbian-Norwegian relations.

“We are celebrating the Day of the Norwegian Constitution, which was adopted on 17th May 1814. It granted rights to citizens that were revolutionary at that time. This day is celebrated around the world in our communities, and here, together with Serbs, we will also celebrate relations between Norway and Serbia,” Ambassador Bjørnstad told reporters.

“We use this gathering to offer Norwegians living in Serbia a taste of their homeland while giving us Serbs a sense of what it’s like in Norway,” said Zoran Petrovic, president of the Serbian-Norwegian Friendship Association.