Nordic Innovative Business In Serbia

The conference “Nordic Innovative Business in Serbia”, co-organised by the Nordic Business Alliance and the Embassy of Finland, saw discussion of the ways in which it is possible to improve the investment climate in Serbia

Nordic Innovative Business In Serbia 2016

The conference participants included Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, H.E. Finnish Ambassador in Belgrade Pertti Ikonen, Jasmina Vignjević (Nordic Business Alliance), Andreja Pavlović (Nordic Business Alliance), Ingeborg Øfsthus (Telenor), Vladislav Lalić (IKEA), Algirdas Krupavicius (Tikkurila) and Predag Radošević (Novo Nordisk).

According to data of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the trade exchange with Nordic countries in 2015 amounted to €510.3 million, while for the first six months of 2016 it was €276.1 million, which shows a growing tendency.

“The experience of the Nordic countries and companies, which are global leaders in innovation, can significantly contribute to the business environment and stimulate competitiveness,” said Jasmina Vignjević, President of the Board of Governors of the Nordic Alliance.