National Day Of Sweden Celebrated In Belgrade

“We need a stable and safe world of mutual understanding and cooperation”.

The Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade marked the National Day of Sweden with a cocktail in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

Ambassador of Sweden H.E. Jan Lundin reminded that last year Sweden and Serbia marked 100 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries.



“We are now focusing on the goals of the sustainable development agenda of the United Nations in 2030. We chose ‘Nowo Vreme’ (New time) for our project in which Sweden is recognised as the leader in the implementation of a special chapters of the agenda by equating the rights of all citizens to education and healthcare, as well as the sustainable environment, ” ambassador said.

The Ambassador reminded that 50 years ago, 1968 was a significant year all over Europe, including in Yugoslavia, when students demanded change and a greater focus on equality and individual rights. “When we look back, we can conclude that much of what was sought then is now achieved. The young generation today faces challenges that are quite different from those of 1968. The focus is no longer Europe or the West, but rather the whole World, and there is a realisation that we are all connected and that we must face global challenges together. Sweden supports Serbia’s accession to the European Union and helps to increase the visibility of the civil sector,” Ambassador Lundin said.

Through the “Nowo Vreme” program, the Embassy of Sweden will focus its activities on sustainable development, ecology, organic food production, cooperation with young people, incentives for young entrepreneurs and support for women’s leadership, as well as support of Serbia in these areas, in order to overcome challenges and find new forms of cooperation and solutions.

Much of these challenges are also in line with Serbia’s needs in the context of reforms on the way to EU membership. Sweden is already supporting Serbia on this path, which is reflected in the fact that since 2001, it invested more than 200 million euros in development projects with Serbia.

“Besides many years of excellent cooperation between our two countries, the support of Sweden to Serbia is also reflected in the successful operation of innovative and sustainable Swedish companies in Serbia. Of course, there is also Swedish support for the green economy of Serbia, because the green economy can easily become part of the bright future of the Serbian economy, “said Ambassador Lundin.

Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjević, members of the diplomatic corps and officials from the cultural and public life attended the marking of the national day of Sweden.