Marking of the Independence Day of Argentina

Ambassador of Argentina Estanislao Angel Zawels

The Embassy of Argentina in Belgrade hosted a formal reception marking the 203 years of independence of Argentina, where Ambassador H.E. Estanislao Angel Zawels highlighted strong, friendly ties with Serbia.

“Diplomatic relations with Serbia last more than 90 years.”

“Today, both countries are looking towards the European Union – Serbia in its integration process, while Argentina and its partners from Mercosur (a South American bloc that includes Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay along with Argentina) signed a historic agreement on a strategic trade association with the EU,” said ambassador Zawels at the reception, which was attended by the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament Maja Gojković, EU Ambassador Sem Fabrizi and many members of the diplomatic community.

The Independence Day is celebrated marking the Declaration of Independence of Argentina adopted on 9th July 1816.