Investing In The European Future Of The Western Balkans

Sem Fabrizi Investing In The European Future Of The Western Balkans 2017

Speaking at a conference organised by the European Movement in Serbia and the International European Movement, with the support of the European Investment Bank, the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi, said that Serbia has done a lot on the economic front in recent years and that political dynamism exists in the country’s EU accession process, but that reforms must continue in order for Serbia to further progress and open new chapters.

Companies from EU member states already employ 200,000 citizens in Serbia, while since the start of the negotiation process 15 years ago the EU has invested about €3 billion in Serbia through grants.

Announcing that Serbia would soon open new chapters in the EU accession process, Fabrizi also highlighted the need to reform the state administration, as well as the importance of reforms related to the rule of law.

Also speaking at the conference were Gordana Lazarević, President of the Economic and Business Forum of the European Movement in Serbia, Hakan Lucius, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Civil Society at the European Investment Bank, and Nenad Đurđević from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia.