Inter-Chamber Business Meetings Held

Speed Business Meeting by CCFS, ISCC and the CANSEE

Inter-Chamber Business Meetings Held 2016

With the aim of promoting networking, developing operations and identifying potential partners, members of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (CCFS), the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (ISCC) and the CANSEE Serbian-Canadian Business Association, held another Speed Business Meeting.

These kinds of events are becoming ever more popular because they are modelled on the best practices of Western European countries and represent a kind of innovation in the way networks of contacts are expanded and future cooperation is initiated between the co-organisers’ member companies.

In ten-minute one-on-one conversations, representatives of companies had the opportunity to present themselves to potential business partners, exchange information and establish communication for future cooperation. Following the official part, a cocktail reception was organised, at which participants continued their business dialogue in a friendly and informal atmosphere.