Independence Day of Tunisia

10.3.2017Official reception held at Tunisian ambassadorial residence to mark the occasion

Independence Day of Tunisia 2017

The Independence Day of Tunisia was commemorated by H.E. Mohamed Bougamra and the Tunisian Embassy in Belgrade, with an official reception held at Tunisian ambassadorial residence.

This holiday marks the anniversary of the country’s gaining of independence from France in 1956, following almost a century of Tunisia’s status as a French protectorate.

Tunisia gained independence on 20th March 1956, after long negotiations between French and Tunisian authorities. The state was then headed by Habib Bourguiba, a major figure in the fight for independence. The Constitutional Democratic Rally, created by Habib Bourguiba, controlled the country until Tunisian revolution of 2011.

Alongside many friends and associates of the Tunisian Embassy, the reception was also attended by members of the diplomatic corps and prominent figures from Serbia’s cultural and public life.