Day of Belgium At The Serbian Chamber of Commerce

How to do business on the Belgian market

Day of Belgium At The Serbian Chamber of Commerce

“Day of Belgium” is organized in cooperation Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia (PKS), the Embassy of Belgium and the Belgian-Serbian Business Association (BSBA). The concept of the event is divided into two parts.

The first part of the conference, under the heading “How to do business on the Belgian market”, provided an all-encompassing picture of the Belgian market, highlighting examples of good practice and positive experiences of Belgian companies operating on the Serbian market.

The second part of the gathering, “Open doors for cooperation”, provided the opportunity for individual conversations, with the Economic and Commercial Attaché of the Commercial Section of the Embassy of Belgium in Belgrade, Marijana Milošević Tufegdžić, Director of the Representative Office of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, Zdravko Ilić, and President of the Belgian-Serbian Business Association (BSBA), Hugo van Veghel, discussing the possibilities of cooperation with Belgian companies and the activities of companies on the Belgian market.

The event was followed by a cocktail reception organised at the Belgian Ambassadorial Residence in Belgrade. (video)