Ambassador of Israel Commemorates Hanukkah

Israeli Ambassador Alona Fisher-Kamm organised a celebration at the Israeli Ambassadorial Residence to mark the major Jewish holiday of Hanukkah – a symbol of miracles, hope, light and new beginnings

Ambassador of Israel Commemorates Hanukkah Alona Fisher Kamm

The great Jewish Feast Hanukkah was celebrated on 28th December at the residence of the Ambassador of Israel to Belgrade, with numerous distinguished guests and friends of the embassy in attendance.

The Ambassador noted that the word Hanukkah can be interpreted in several ways. “The most common is the inauguration, given that on this holiday we are not only celebrating the victory of the Jews over the Hellenes but also the restoration of sovereignty over ancient territory and the re-inauguration – the consecration of the desecrated temple. That would not have been possible without the miracle that made a very small amount of oil burn for eight days,” explained Ambassador Fisher-Kamm.

As Ambassador announced, that is also the reason why the feast of Hanukkah became a symbol of miracles, hope, light and new beginnings. “During long periods of history, the light of Hanukkah represented our only symbol of hope for a better future,” said the ambassador.

She emphasised that today’s feast should be used to spread light, providing one’s own contribution to a better, more secure and more successful world, but she also warned that this is not an easy task when one looks at the reality that surrounds us.

“Terrorism in Germany, France, Turkey or Israel, radicalisation, hatred, intolerance, poverty and natural disasters represent real threats that the world should confront in unison. Last week’s resolution in the Security Council is not a step in the right direction and that’s why in Israel it caused a sense of frustration and dissatisfaction,” considers the Ambassador.

According to her, the closeness of the marking of Hanukkah to Christmas and New Year has made this holiday a symbol of religious tolerance and mutual understanding.

Rabbi Isak Asiel gave a blessing for Hanukkah, while the candles of the shamash candleholder were lit by guests including Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović, ministers Zoran Đorđević and Vladan Vukosavljević, Director of the Kosovo Office Marko Đurić, German Ambassador Axel Dittmann and the president of the Association of Jewish Municipalities, Ruben Fuks.