Unicredit Presents UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour

30.09.2016Tour of the UEFA Champions League Trophy

Representatives of the City of Belgrade and UniCredit Bank held a press conference to mark the arrival of the Tour of the UEFA Champions League Trophy, which was presented by UniCredit, and the trophy of this prestigious club football competition.
The trophy of the UEFA Champions League began its eighth road trip across Europe on 13th September. One of this year’s stops was also Serbia, where it stayed until 2nd October. The Champions League trophy was exhibited in Belgrade in two locations – on 1st October on Republic Square and on 2nd October in UŠĆE Shopping Centre.Speaking at the conference were Siniša Mali, Mayor of Belgrade, Csilla Ihasz, CEO of UniCredit Bank Serbia, Marcos Evangelista de Moraes-Kafu, UEFA ambassador for the Trophy Tour of the UEFA Champions League presented by UniCredit, and others.