Superbrand Serbia Awards Presented

13.06.2016The prestigious Superbrand Serbia 2015/2016 Awards have been presented to the best Serbian companies. Among the major winners were Imlek, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Air Serbia, but also the women's national basketball team, in recognition of its outstanding results in sport, and the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, which was awarded for its innovation

The criteria for gaining the status of “Superbrand Serbia” are based on recognisability and reputation, long-term consistency and reliability, as well as corporate social responsibility.

The “Superbrand” awards were presented to the most successful companies in 34 categories, among which are Knjaz Miloš, Hleb i Kifle, Apatin Brewery, Imlek, Bambi, BAT, Tetrapak, Tigar Corporation, Elixir Zorka, Airport City, Energoprojekt, Lilly drogerije, Mona, Forma Ideale, Gorenje, Nikola Tesla Airport; Telekom Serbia et al.