“Sports Heroes” Exhibition Opened At The Instituto Cervantes

“Sports Heroes” Exhibition Opened At The Instituto Cervantes

The exhibition “Sports Heroes” at Instituto Cervantes is a story of Spanish sports champions. From the Olympic Games held in Barcelona in 1992 to the present day through various EFE photographs created in many countries around the world bring us closer to the numerous sports figures.

Exhibition urge viewers to wonder about the meaning of the effort, spirit and courage of the champion.

The new concept of this exhibition is designed exclusively for the exhibition space of the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade, where the initial setting is complemented by the selection of the most prominent Serbian athletes who were part of the Spanish sport.

Photos of the great Spanish “heroes” like Rafael Nadal, Carolina Marín, Ona Carbonell o Andrés Iniesta joined the Serbian sports stars who had a great influence on the Spanish sport, such as Radomir Antić, Peđa Mijatović, Sava Milošević, Darko Kovačević and many others.

The exhibition was opened by well known Serbian sports journalist Aleksandar Miletić in the presence of the director of Instituto Cervantes Enrique Camacho Garcia and many figures from the sports life of Serbia.

The exhibition will run until 11th September.

photo: Marija Vujošević