Soјung Јun in Belgrade

One of the world’s best contemporary violinists, Korean Sojung Jun, performed with her “Orion” string trio at Jovan Kolundžija’s “Guarnerius” Centre of Fine Arts

Soјung Јun in Belgrade 2016

The string Trio comprises violinist Sojung Jun (Republic of Korea), violist Veit Hertenstein (Germany) and cellist Benjamin Gregor-Smith (United Kingdom), who are holders of the world’s top awards and have enviable solo careers and numerous solo performances worldwide.

The “Orion” string trio performs regularly in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, while major tours have seen the trio perform at major concert halls throughout Korea, such as the Isang Yun Birthplace in Tongyong and Yongsan in Seoul.

This Belgrade concert was organised by the Embassy of Korea in Belgrade and “Guarnerius”.