SMART Trio Held

Amcham SMART Trio Held at the StartIt Centre Belgrade 2016

Under the auspices of the SMART Trio series of events at the StartIt Centre, organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham), in partnership with City College of the University of Sheffield, the subject of their business and personal lives was discussed by Delta Holding vice president for strategy and development, Marija Desivojević Cvetković, co-founder and CTO of Boston-Belgrade start-up Seven Bridges, Igor Bogićević, and co-founder of the Belgrade start-up Little Blue Pot and President of the BEUM Association, Darko Mandić.

Mary spoke about her successful business career, but also about the recent successful completion of the “Ironman” venture, Igor spoke about the road that brought global success to start-up Seven Bridges, while Darko discussed the success of the Little Blue Pot start-up.

Through three inspiring stories, in an informal atmosphere, those in attendance heard more about what success implies, what all of its sides are, what success brings with it, and whether it is possible to be successful in several areas.