Slovenian Business Club’s annual Martinovanje event

This year, at the traditional event of the SPK Martinovanje 2018 – wine festival, the Slovenian Business Club in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Organization hosted the Goriška Brda region with the Brda Municipality and the Vipava Valley region with the municipalities of Renče-Vogrsko, Šempeter-Vrtojba and Ajdovščina.

The Goriška Brda, better known as the Slovenian Tuscany, is known around the world for its excellent quality wines and recognisable cherries. On the other hand, the Vipava Valley is also known for its quality wines and gastronomic specialities. SPK had the honour to host Mr Tomaž Kavčič and his restaurant Gostilna pri Lojzetu Dvorec Zemono.

Slovenian Business Club director Danijela Fišakov welcomed SPK members, friends and partners. 

Throughout the evening, food and wine were served by the restaurant “Okrepčevalnica Julko”, whose owners Mitja Humar and Toni Gomišček, are also authors of the magazine Vino. The gastronomic specialities and excellent wines of their regions were enjoyed by guests until late into the night.