SPK Working Meeting

8.6.2017The Business Environment of Vojvodina

The Slovenian Business Club (SPK) has organised a working meeting in Novi Sad with the President of the Vojvodina Provincial Government, Igor Mirović, President of the Novi Sad City Assembly, Zdravko Jelušić, and the Director of the Development Agency of Vojvodina, Nataša Bajić, on the topic of “The Business Environment of Vojvodina”.

“Vojvodina is a good place to invest. The factors that can attract foreign investors are the general policy, economic stability, good policies of the national government, stable public finances, the construction of infrastructure for foreign investors, as well as efforts exerted at provincial and local levels aimed at ensuring a more favourable investment climate,” said Mirović.

Danijela Fišakov, President of the Slovenian Business Club, noted that the SBC is an organisation that has already spent 15 years supporting economic cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia, while its mission is also to increase activities and cooperation in Vojvodina.