Predictability And Consistent Application Of Tax Regulations A Condition For New Investment

The Tax Administration's efforts to combat the grey economy are encouraging

“The predictability of tax regulations and their consistent application are absolute priorities for members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham) when deciding on new investment”, said Jelena Pavlović, President of the American Chamber of Commerce.

On a panel organized by AmCham with Dragana Marković, Director of the Tax Administration, the participants discussed transparency and predictability in the interpretation of tax regulations, risk analysis, efficiency and the direction of Tax Administration reform, and the fight against the grey economy.

 “The Tax Administration has recently simplified the filing of tax returns significantly and made great efforts to fight the grey economy. We believe that the current transformation of the Tax Administration and improvement of its working methods, especially in risk analysis, will improve predictability and harmonize the enforcement of tax regulations“, said Jelena Pavlovic, president of the American Chamber of Commerce.

“We appreciate the willingness of the Tax Administration to engage in a dialogue with taxpayers in finding the most effective solutions”, said Slavko Carić, President of the AmCham Committee on Finance and Tax, and added that AmCham is at the disposal of the Tax Administration and other institutions to make the business environment more attractive.