Perception Of The German Economy In Serbia

Ronald Seeliger Perception Of The German Economy In Serbia 2017

According to research conducted by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) on the topic “perceptions of the German economy and investments by citizens of Serbia”, as many as a third of Serbian citizens see Germany as the most desirable investor, citing the reasons as the level of Germany’s business, economic and industrial development. The survey was carried out on a representative sample of 1,200 citizens from all across Serbia.

The results gained are not surprising, given that in real terms Germany is Serbia’s most important trade partner, with almost 400 companies having invested funds of more than €1.8 billion and employed over 35,000 workers.

“German companies are happy to do business in Serbia and are engaged in long-term engagements as reliable partners and responsible employers,” said German Ambassador H.E. Axel Dittmann.

As the main reason, in as many as 60 per cent of cases respondents cited the country’s economic power, and not its politics, religion, tradition or some characteristics of the people themselves.

“Serbian citizens once again showed in this survey that they appreciate real values and that they care about a strong economy, efficient operations, quality products, on the one hand, and a fair attitude towards their work on the other,” said Dr Ronald Seelinger, AHK president and Hemofarm CEO.

The German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce announced that it will intensify exchanges of experience among companies in the period ahead, in order to bring others closer to the “German business model”.

Initially, results and responsibility of operations in various segments were presented by German companies Henkel, Hemofarm, Siemens, Bosch and Continental.