Norway Christmas Tree In Tašmajdan

Magnificent Christmas tree, a symbol of friendship, stands tall in Tašmajdan over the festive season

Norway Christmas Tree In Tašmajdan

Norwegian Embassy and Telenor gifted Belgrade with the giant Norwegian spruce in Tašmajdan. Lighting of the tree took place on 15th December, illuminating a tall tree with around 100 pieces of decoration. Belgradians soaked up the magical atmosphere and enjoyed an evening of Christmas tree switch-on ceremony.

“Christmas tree is a symbol of friendship,” said Ambassador Arne Sannes Bjørnstad at the ceremony, adding that “it is also a symbol of light during the dark winter nights, while Christmas is a symbol of love and hope.”

The Ambassador also said that Christmas is a favorite time of year for many, reminding us during this festive season of the fond memories from childhood, and also this is the time for the expression of care and sharing with the family and with friends.

Belgrade Mayor Siniša Mali thanked Ambassador Bjørnstad, who has recently become a honorary citizen of Belgrade.

During the Norwegian tree switch-on ceremony Belgradians had the opportunity to enjoyed a program with trumpeters, mulled wine and biscuits.