Nestlé Celebrates 150 Years of Creating Shared Values

Marking 150th anniversary of doing business, Nestlé Adriatic organised its first panel debate in Serbia on the topic of creating shared value

Nestlé Celebrates 150 Years of Creating Shared Values

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage group, with daily sales exceeding a billion products in every corner of the globe. It also has the world food industry’s largest R&D network, with around 5,000 people involved in research and development. Investments in research and development surpassed 1.67 billion CHF in the last year alone.

To mark 150 years of business, Nestlé Adriatic for the first time in Serbia organised a panel on the topic of creating shared value. How the company builds its products category, respond to the needs of local consumers, and is creating shared value for customers and local community as well, were the main topics discussed by the management members of the company.

Determination, commitment and a pioneering spirit were building blocks of the company since the beginning. Nestlé’s sense of scientific innovation, combined with an instinct for marketing and a global ambition continues to shape and drive the company today. Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage group, selling over 1 billion products per day in every corner of the globe. Also, Nestlé has the largest R&D network in the food industry, with around 5,000 people involved in research and development. Investments in research and development surpassed 1.67 billion CHF only in the last year.

Yana Mikhailova, Regional Director of Nestlé Adriatic, on this occasion, said: „We know that food is always coupled with health. As the leading nutrition, health and wellness company, our vision is to enhance lives with science-based nutrition and health solutions for all stages of life, helping consumers care for themselves and their families. By providing healthier products and educating people about nutrition – our purpose is to improve the quality of life of our consumers and to contribute to a healthier future.“

Mrs Mikhailova added that some of the major challenges that the global society is facing today are population obesity, which is the leading public health problem. “Nestlé wants to be part of the solution by supporting social development and finding better ways for collective action. Our project Healthy Kids (ZdravoRastimo), an initiative whose main goal is to educate primary school children about the importance of proper nutrition, physical activities and the creation of healthy habits, is a good example of how joint action of public and private sector creates long-term value for the society. In Serbia only this year 19,200 seventh grade students have benefited from this project which means that the average of the improved knowledge after training was 14% among pupils”, stressed Mrs Mikhailova.

The panel discussed the challenges faced by the food industry today, as well as about what nowadays consumers expect from the products.

„Consumers are the centre of everything we do. Today consumers want more than just functional feature from products – they want innovation, experience and emotional connection with the product. We are listening to them, but we also take care of their health through the quality of the raw materials we use, as well as through all our channels of communication and promotion. In accordance with our concept “Kitchen cupboard“, we renovate our products with ingredients that consumers know and love, and which abound in the presence of desirable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein, without changing their unique and familiar taste”, stated Renata Matusinović, Business Executive Director of Culinary Category in Nestlé Adriatic.

“Today, large-format shops have about 10.000 items and is no longer enough to position a new product on the shelf. Overall category management – from strategic deployment and promotional in-store activities to additional materials and positions specifically designed for a particular product is important to diversify products from one another. Merchants also play an important role in terms of the offer, but also the content, and create additional value for consumers. Innovations that we offer, as well as international expertise which we adjusted to local needs, significantly contributed to the growth of our market share”, pointed-out Marjana Davidović, Commercial Director, Nestlé Adriatic.

In addition to superior product quality and safety, the company pays special attention to the creation of added value for the local community in which it operates, as well as the safety of its employees.

„Responsible behaviour towards resources is crucial for our business operations. Only this year, comparing to 2015, we succeeded to decrease our electricity consumption for half a million kilowatts, which is equivalent to the amount consumed by five primary schools annually. Large infrastructure investments in previous years in the management system and preparation of freshwater, as well as wastewater treatment, has led to savings of 50,000 cubic meters, which is an amount sufficient to fill 20 Olympic swimming pools. In line with the highest business standards, in the factory in Surčin we introduced advanced management tool called Total Performance Management (TPM), which boosts safety in the workplace, the level of product quality and safety, production efficiency, as well as the level of expertise of employees”, said Nebojša Jovanović, Factory Manager of the Nestlé food and confectionary products in Surčin.

In upcoming years Nestlé will continue to offer to local consumers its well-known global brands like NESCAFÉ, THOMY, MAGGI, NESQUIK, KIT KAT, LION, SMARTIES, AFTER EIGHT, PURINA, Nestlé cereals and infant foods, and also will continue to create products and services that meet the expectations and preferences of local consumers and to support society in solving the most pressing problems of today.