Meetings For Members Of French, Greek And Croatian Business Communities In Serbia

Meetings For Members Of French, Greek And Croatian Business Communities In Serbia

Representatives of member companies of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (CCFS), the Hellenic Business Association (HBA) and the Croatian Business Club (HPK) met at Belgrade’s Hotel Metropol Palace for the latest in the series of “Speed Business Meeting” events.

Members of these business associations had the opportunity to expand their networks of contacts and take advantage of this innovative format of the informal meeting to establish the basis for future business cooperation.

More than 30 participating members of the three chambers, representing different sectors, had the opportunity for “one-to-one” discussions of potential forms of cooperation. Following the culmination of formal meetings, a networking reception was organised for all participants, during which company representatives had the opportunity to continue business networking and exchanging additional information with those present.

This Speed Business Meeting was opened by Marija Radulović, president of the Croatian Business Club in Serbia, Sanja Ivanić, director-general of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and Fanina Popaz-Kovačević, executive director of the Hellenic Business Alliance.

 “Our Chamber has been initiating and participating in the organisation of Speed Business Meeting events for many years, and we also internationalised this format as of three years ago, organising it in the countries of the region, together with the Hungarian, Romanian and Croatian chambers. We are pleased that we now have the opportunity to connect our members in this way for the first time with members of the Hellenic and Croatian business associations. Experience has shown this to be an outstanding concept for swiftly exchanging contacts in today’s business world, where time is the most valuable resource,” said FSCC Director-General Ivanić.

The plan is for this type of cooperation between chambers to continue through a series of similar innovative forms of meetings in which companies will be able to cooperate and exchange experiences and best practises, with the aim of strengthening the economic sector in Serbia.

Representatives of all three chambers agreed that such meetings contribute to the dynamics of business cooperation between their members, but also strengthen the synergy between chambers themselves.