Lav Presents “Beer And Foam Maestro” Award

Competition was the final event after two months' training at the Draft Beer Academy involving 200 establishments organised by Carlsberg Serbia

Lav Presents “Beer And Foam Maestro” Award

The final of Beer and Foam Maestro, a competition in pouring and serving a beer organised by Carlsberg Serbia and the Lav brand, was held on 13 July at the Sport Pub in Belgrade. The winner was Nikola Šarić from the bar Puberaj in Novi Sad, who won a trip to one of the greatest beer festivals – the Oktoberfest! Fourteen finalists took part in the competition after winning their regional competitions in towns throughout Serbia: Šabac, Niš, Kragujevac, Smederevo, Novi Sad and Belgrade.

In the knowledge that only by proper pouring can beer display its quality and refined taste, Carlsberg Serbia launched the Draft Beer Academy, which provides education in the right way to pour and serve a beer. Seven Draft Beer Ambassadors who cover the entire territory of Serbia promote beer rituals and culture for proper pouring and serving, with a mission of bringing their knowledge to barmen in bars, hotels and restaurants throughout Serbia

After two months’ training at the Academy involving 200 establishments from the whole of Serbia, the jury judged the competitors in four categories: preparing the glass, pouring the beer, cutting the foam and serving and presenting the beer. The one with the greatest knowledge and skill was rewarded with a trip to Germany, to the famous Oktoberfest, the beer drinker’s paradise.

The jury at the great final in Belgrade consisted of experts and independent observers:  Novak  Nenezić, president of the Barmen’s Association, Slavko Umićević, technologist working on projects of the Draft Beer Academy, Draft Beer Ambassadors and Duško Rađen, director of the company Cool Beer, which maintains cooling and pouring equipment.

Carlsberg Serbia has been educating barmen for several years but the Beer and Foam Maestro competition was held for the first time this year.