Is there a secure data?

Data security: obligation or investment? What is more dangerous than cybercrime or negligence, ignorance, lack of security culture …? What is the responsibility of companies, what providers of IT solutions, and what country?

These are just some of the questions answered by the experts from this field: Natali Dević, CTO VIP mobile and A1 Slovenija, Sava Savić, Assistant Minister for Information Society and Information Security, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Antić , DellEMC sales director for Adriatic region, within the first AIGO Talks panel, which was held yesterday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Data security and information at a time when technology develops at high speed inevitably affects the market situation and calls into question the further flow of society. With the development of technologies, there is also the evolution of data and their use; more and more, more and more important; the concept of Big Data and all new types of experts appear. At the same time, inevitably there is also the evolution of another kind of expert: experts for misuse, fraud and data embezzlement.

The first AIGO Talks presented in an illustrated way real cases, in which a cyber mafia can target an individual and a company. What is the problem? Is this topic treated in the same way as life insurance – “it happens to someone else”? Or is it a problem that security requires investment and does not bring about a profit, so this question is postponed? Such issues were in focus, but also the consideration of the possibilities of protection from the danger of the modern age.

To grapple with these global challenges we cannot avoid as a country, AIGO launches this panel of panels on other topical topics.