International Women’s Club March Meeting

International Woman’s Club had its March gathering in the residence of Mexican Ambassador on the 5th of March. In the lovely ambient, decorated with art objects and Mexican artefacts, ladies had their usual Coffee Morning combined with a program of the activity group called “National Profiles”.

This group, or IWC section, gather around presentations of specific features of Countries represented by the members of the Club. Presentation of Mexico consisted of typical Mexican refreshments followed by films and books, photo shoots of IWC members in traditional clothing items and of Mexican music.

The presentation was initiated by Mrs Eloisa Mendez, kind hostess of this Coffee Morning and coordinator of this particular section. The gathering began with a welcoming word of Milica Lundin, president of the club, who offered a short briefing on the club’s current state of affairs and the report of activities of the executive board.

Ladies have spent lovely two hours at the residence filled with cheerful conversation, laughter, photo taking and planning of the new events.