International conference “USA – Serbia Partnership”

In light of the latest events unfolding on the international political scene, and to mark the occasion of the 136th anniversary of the establishing of diplomatic relations between the United States and Serbia, the International Conference “U.S.A.-Serbia Partnership: How to use history as a basis to build a better future” was held in Belgrade on 7th and 8th June.

“Europe is the hub of our interest, our biggest economic partner, and we believe strongly in the idea of the European Union. The United States is the second biggest donor to your country because our goal is to help Serbia’s development and its path towards the EU”, said Ambassador Kyle Scott.

Speaking about the main highlights in the history of mutual relations between the United States and Serbia,  Dragan R. Simić, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade said “Our mutual relations were at their peak during the Balkan Wars, during World War I, and especially after the end of World War II, when Serbia and America were allied countries. Americans have always been able to value the contributions of small nations, and our mutual relations have been progressing across the board since 2000” concluded Dean Simić.

The conference was organised by the Faculty of Political Science’s Centre for American Studies and Centre for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiatives, with the support of the Embassy of the United States and the Belgrade University Faculty of Political Science.