Hemofarm Foundation Awards Scholarship Contracts

Ronald Seelinger Hemofarm Foundation Awards Scholarship Contracts 2017

The Hemofarm Foundation has awarded scholarship contracts to the best students of the state faculties.

In addition to financial assistance in the academic year 2017/2018, the students will have the opportunity to attend the “Mentor Programme” of the Hemofarm Foundation, which will help them acquire practical knowledge and skills that will be of use to them in their further professional career.

“I am pleased to accept the invitation to be a mentor and to help young people acquire additional knowledge and confidence to further improve their abilities. These scholarships are a great opportunity for them to hear other people’s experience and find their own way”, said Dr. Natalie Ebert, professor of medicine with extensive experience in prestigious German institutes and hospitals.

“The Hemofarm Foundation is proud to have supported 3,300 students from all over Serbia over the past decades”, said Dr Ronald Seelinger, General Manager of Hemofarm and one of the mentors of this programme.