Hemofarm: Conquer New Markets

Ronald Seeliger Hemofarm Conquer New Markets

Record results achieved in 2017 prompted company Hemofarm to organise a festive cocktail reception to share and summarise this pharmaceutical giant’s business year with friends, partners and associates. The event was hosted by Hemofarm CEO Dr Ronald Seeliger.

Almost 5.5 billion tablets sold, tens of millions of euros invested and huge user confidence in 38 countries on three continents – these are just part of Hemofarm’s results. By joining Stada, Hemofarm became part of a large international family – Cinven and Bain Capital. Hemofarm also proved its business policy of continuous investment in production with the construction of its new Packaging Centre in Vršac, in which it has invested more than €21 million this year on construction and procuring equipment.

“This year marked the beginning of a new era for us; an era in which this company will strengthen its position even further in numerous markets. Our priority is product quality and care for consumers, but we don’t renounce our role as a high-quality partner to the healthcare system in Serbia, the state and local communities, the entire society,” said Dr Seeliger.