Group Of Francophone Ambassadors In Serbia Established

The founding meeting of the Group of Francophone Ambassadors in Serbia was held on Thursday, 28 June 2018, at the invitation of H.E. Philippe Guex, Ambassador of Switzerland. The establishment of this group was announced at the end of March at the closing of the Francophony Month in Serbia, several days before Serbia would send the International Organization of Francophone (OIF) a request to become an associate member of this Organization (Serbia has been an observer since 2006).

The group is open to all Ambassadors (or Heads of Mission) of Francophony member states, associate members or observer states, and to international organizations whose working language is French; 15 diplomatic missions in Serbia are founders of the group, which remains open to new members. The Group will work closely with the International Organization of Francophone (whose regional office for Central and Eastern Europe is located in Bucharest), and with the University agency Francophonie / AUF (Regional Directorate for Central and Eastern Europe, Bucharest) and with the French Institute in Serbia (operational support).

The Francophonie Group is a platform for the exchange of information and contacts between diplomatic missions and with all who advocate Francophony in Serbia (the government, the local community, and especially those in the field of culture and education) and whose mission is to promote Francophony in Serbia and the cultural and linguistic diversity and values of multilateralism (peace, security and development, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, solidarity).

Ambassadors and heads of mission chiefs unanimously adopted the office for 2018/2019:

President: Mohammed Amine BELHAJ, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco

Vice-Presidents: Amr ALJOWAILY, Ambassador of Egypt (First Vice-President), Kati CSABA, Ambassador of Canada, Simona Mirela MICULESCU, Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Oana-Cristina POPA, Ambassador of Romania and Dae Jong YOO, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Serbia

Secretary: Frédéric MONDOLONI, Ambassador of France, with the support of the French Institute in Serbia, Cultural and Educational Operator of the Embassy of France in Serbia