Exhibition Of Serbian Traditional Food And Handicrafts

Opened by city manager Goran Vesić and H.E. Julia Feeney

An exhibition of traditional food and handicrafts held in Knez Mihajlova street in Belgrade was a promotion of local brands named ‘Serbia in Belgrade’ organised by Ethno Network in cooperation with NALED.

Belgraders and tourists could taste and buy traditional specialties from all around Serbia – Sombor cheese,  kačkavalj cheese from Stara planina, honey from Fruška Gora and Homolje, ajvar from Leskovac, prunes from Osečina, Valjevo duvan čvarci (shredded pork), Lemeš kulen sausage, raspberries from Arilje and kajmak (raw cream) from Užice.

The event was opened by city manager Goran Vesić, H.E. Julia Feeney, the Australian ambassador to Serbia and Violeta Jovanović, NALED Executive Director. The official opening ceremony was attended by mayors and other officials from Pirot, Sombor, Inđija, Leskovac, Pančevo, Loznica and other cities and municipalities.