European Movement In Serbia Marked 25th Anniversary

Serbia is on irreversible path of EU integration and the perspectives of its EU membership has never been more clear nor tangible, said Mihailo Crnobrnja, president of the European Movement in Serbia (EMinS), at a gathering marking the 25th anniversary of the organization.

‘’Our goal has never been closer. Credits go to every citizen, everyone who cherished European idea and advocated for persistence on the EU path over the years, regardless of the price he or she often had to pay for those efforts’’, said Crnobrnja.

European Movement in Serbia was founded in 1992, as a non-governmental organization that researches, teaches and advocates for European integrations.

EMinS has more than 700 members, 14 local councils in cities across Serbia, and it is a member of the European Movement International network based in Brussels. Over the years, organization was led by renowned experts and intellectuals such as Vojin Dimitrijević, Mirko Tepavac, Desimir Tošić, Živorad Kovačević, and Vlastimir Matejić.