Donation of the Order of Malta

Donation of the Order of Malta Ambassador Alberto di Luca

The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in the Republic of Serbia has been helping the sick, the poor, children and the elderly, as well as people with disabilities, through its Make a Wish to the Order of Malta project for many years.

Together with the donors from Taiwan this time a printer for blind people was delivered to the Union of Blind Serbia.

The printers for the blind are very expensive, prices are from 5 to 15 and 20 thousand euros and are indispensable in the process of education of the visually impaired, who are considered to be the most educated people with disabilities in Serbia.

The donation ceremony was held in the largest library for the blind in the Balkans, Jewish Street at Dorćol, where the Ambassador of the Order of Malta H.E. Alberto di Luca and the Ambassador of Taipei Representative Office in Budapest, H.E. Andrew Chang, were introduced to the conditions in which the Union of Blind Serbia works, as well as their problems and needs.

In Taiwan, people with disabilities have guaranteed employment, and that is considered to be the standard in the country with the best healthcare system in the world. Their sensibility for categories of people with disabilities worldwide has been proven through this action by the Embassy of the Order of Malta in our country.