Corax Receives Good Example Of New Optimism Award

Corax Receives Good Example Of New Optimism Award 2017

Caricaturist Predrag Koraksić, aka Corax, has become the 13th winner of the “Good Example of New Optimism” Award, which was formally presented to him in Novi Sad during International Human Rights Day.

Prior to the award ceremony, an interactive exhibition of Corax’s works on human rights violations was organised on the streets, where connoisseurs of his work interpreted the most memorable caricatures for those in attendance.

This award is presented to individuals or organisations that fight with their work for the values clearly expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the “New Optimism” Proclamation, which serve as a good example to the community and society.

Among the winners are Mirjana Karanović, the team of the TV series Državni posao (State Job), The Del Arno Band, Dragan Todorović, Mirko Đorđević and Ivan Ivanji.