Conference “Serbia And France In The Great War”


Belgrade hosted the two-day International Conference “Serbia and France in the Great War”, organised by the SANU Institute for Balkan Studies, in conjunction with the French State Foundation for marking the Centenary of World War I and the French Institute in Serbia.

French and Serbian historians exchanged views on the decisive periods during the Great War, including Allied troop-support on the Thessaloniki Front under the command of French generals from 1916 to 1918, as well as cooperation between French and Serbian civilians during the war period.

– Relations between Serbia and France are a key topic for the history of the Great War in Serbia, which has yet to receive its monographic treatment. That’s why it was necessary for us to try to jointly mark the stages and key moments of cooperation between Serbia and France – said Vojislav Pavlović, acting director of the SANU Institute for Balkan Studies.