Blic Entrepreneur Of 2017 Announced

"All 300 companies in the selection for the "Blic Entrepreneur" are winners and represent the image of a better Serbia. They are the future of Serbia - micro, small and medium companies. They represent 99 per cent of our commerce, and about 66 per cent of employees work in these companies. The government has invested 7.6 billion dinars of grants for them," said Minister Mali.

Blic Entrepreneur Of 2017

Company Suncokret from Hajdukovo announced as “Blic Entrepreneur 2017”. 

This company was selected as the most successful in the race for the “Blic Entrepreneur” and won a million dinars prize awarded by Eurobank.

Finance Minister Siniša Mali said that as a jury member he had a hard job choosing the best among the best.

He pointed out that the growth rate was 4.6 per cent since the beginning of the year, and the surplus was over 30 billion dinars in the budget.

Slavica Pavlović, president of the IO Eurobank, said the importance of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises is very high.

“That is why the decision to choose the entrepreneur of the year was difficult. We have great entrepreneurs. I believe that they will continue to work well,” Ms Pavlović said.
She also pointed out that the business climate and strategy are the most important for entrepreneurial development.

“Entrepreneurs have a difficult source of financing, and we are reaching to them to the maximum. Banks have, however, become a little more lenient. Entrepreneurs still ask for more money for development and investments, and less for working capital, which is commendable,” Pavlović said.